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Saturday, Feb 9, 2013 - 8:00 pm, $15.00

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With Special Guests MaryLeigh Roohan

"The music of the L.A. quintet blends two-, three- and four-part harmonies, serpentine folk-pop melodies and agitated beats into songs that rejoice a little, ache a little and leave sepia-toned images in your head when they're through," said while NPR noted: "Milo Greene makes folk-tinged music with perfectly blended male-femaleharmonies, but they marry that sound with thunderous live drums and infectious sing along choruses." Milo Greene have toured with the likes of The Civil Wars, Grouplove, and The Belle Brigade.

Milo Greene are cinematic indie-popsters from Los Angeles, comprised of Robbie Arnett, Andrew Heringer, Marlana Sheetz, Graham Fink and Curtis Marrero. Arnett, Heringer, and Sheetz met in college, where they created a fictional character known as Milo Greene, sending out emails in his name to promote their creative endeavors. After college, and various musical projects of their own, Arnett, Heringer, and Sheetz reunited at their very own song-writing retreat at a cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, directly overlooking a lake, completely secluded from the background disturbances of big city life.

Here, removed from any day-to-day conveniences like television or the internet, they began writing and composing their music. As the songs came together, Fink and Marrero were enticed to join and the entity known as Milo Greene came to life. The four voices of Milo Greene's members weave and blend into one voice, creating songs that live and breathe with the range of an omniscient, collective consciousness. Their music functions like that of a symphony, with each voice and instrument standing strong on its own but coming together to create something beautiful, transcendent, and ethereal.

MaryLeigh Roohan

Taking time to graduate from college, Roohan was laying low in 2013 except for her secret adventures to record a new album with Jason Brown at JBrown Noise. The time in the studio yielded a new, ten-song album that she plans to release in November of 2013.

Though she's only twenty-two, the experience Roohan has gained since she began performing five years ago explains why she's likened to "a wizened old soul." Her yearlong, weekly residency at a pub in St Andrews, Scotland honed her guitar and vocal skills, and helped build her confidence in exploring other musical ventures. Since graduating from her Scottish residency and moving back to the states, MaryLeigh has played everywhere from intimate cafes, such as the celebrated Caffe Lena, to wild festivals, like Albany's Art on Lark. The diverse stages she's played match the variety of acts with whom she's shared them. Sean Rowe, Theresa Andersson, Paranoid Social Club and Milo Greene are a few of the many.

In 2011, Roohan ventured to The Music Shed in New Orleans to record her debut album, The Docks. The album received wide acclaim in New York's capital region. Beyond securing rotation on both college and public radio stations (WEXT, WEQX, WSPN), The Docks' single "Foolish Girl" was named second to Sean Rowe's "Downwind" in 97.7 WEXT's Top 60 Songs of New York's Capital Region (2012). Buzz from the album generated performing opportunities including Roohan's performances at Albany's largest music festival, LarkFest, and with talented bands such as Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds, Chic Gamine, and many more. The Docks and her many heartfelt performances reached wide audiences and in 2012 Roohan was named the capital region's "Best Female Singer-Songwriter" by Metroland.

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