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Thursday, Sep 19, 2013 - 7:00 pm, $8.00

Trans website and trailer

Food For Thought is a monthly evening of food, film and discussion with a focus on films of social, political, environmental and community interest. Held on the third Thursday of each month, the night will feature food samples by Honest Weight Food Co-op, a feature film screening, and an open panel discussion.

This Months Film:TRANS

Followed by a Q & A with Producer Dr. Mark Schoen

"TRANS" is an extraordinary documentary feature film about men and women... and all the variations in between.It is an up-close and very personal journey into the transgender world through the memorable stories and the unusual lives of a remarkable cast of characters.Here
we will explore the Transgender Community, perhaps the mostmisunderstood and mistreated minority in America and around the world.
It begins with the story of Lt. Commander Christopher McGinn, a Navy flight surgeon selected by NASA to serve on two space missions.But, upon his discharge from the armed forces, Chris McGinn would set out upon a different mission...from which he was never to return. Now Dr. Christine McGinn is able to tell her own amazing story, (picked up in the media on both MSNBC and the Oprah Winfrey show) and provide an entrée into a complex and dramatic world that is "TRANS."

Some of the stories include...
-Danaan: a 7 year old MTF (male to female) who knew who she was at 2 years old and has spent the rest of her short life making believers out of her parents and the rest ofher world.
-Cris: He has only recently come to the realization that he istransgendered and is about to break the news to his lesbian girlfriend that he is not a lesbian.4
-Pam and Erica: They have never met before now, but they have been living the same lie for over 50 years. Now, in their mid 50s, they are
undergoing transgender surgery and are about to risk everything to be able to live as their authentic selves.
-We attend the Oakland and San Francisco's Transgender Day of Remembrance and witness an entire community under siege.
-We learn the tragic story of Chloe, who graduated High School and left her small town with her best friend to live in a place where she could start life anew and experience the freedom and excitement of living her authentic self. There she collided with the fear that every trans person must struggle to overcome just to survive.
-We hear the wisdom and the experiences from some of the foremost authorities in the Transgender Community and get a real up close look at this disenfranchised community and the fight to bring them the recogni
tion and respect they deserve.
-We accompany young Cris, an FTM, to the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference-- a life changing experience for him. With Cris we learn about all the information and services that are available to the Transgender Community. We learn the protocols and the procedures that one can follow that will lead them to the life they were truly meant to live. And we will learn about the hundreds and thousands who suffer from this
condition not knowing what could possibly be the matter with them or what they can possibly do about it. These are the stories of boys and girls, men and woman...and all the shades in between. These are stories that will open both the mind and the heart. Stories of extraordinary people who face fear, discrimination, ignorance and violence in the hopes they might one day be able to live...ordinary lives. To anyone who ever looked in a mirror and wondered, "Who they really are?" TRANS asks another question..."are you brave enough to find out?"

Mark Schoen Producer

Pres., SexSmartFilms, Prod./Dir. Of Betty Dodson:Her Life of Sex and Art
Mark Schoen received a Ph.D. from New York University's Human Sexuality program in 1980. While enrolled in New York University Schoen
spent two summers in Uppsala, Sweden studying Sexual Health Education at Uppsala University. -Working as a Health Educator in the early 1970's in a New York public school system he developed a Sexual Health Program and began producing short films.
-In 1979 Dr. Schoen established Focus International, a company devoted to producing and distributing sexual health films primarily to universities and clinicians. He produced many of the popular, early sex therapy films, wrote the children's book, Bellybuttons Are Navels and produced the award winning film of the same title.
-In 1998, The Sinclair Institute hired Dr. Schoen as Director of Sex Education. He moved from New York to Chapel Hill, NorthCarolina.
From 1998-2006 he produced more than thirty films that are currently in distribution including the best selling revision of The BetterSex Video Series.
-From 2006-2009 Schoen served as one of 16 members on the National Advisory Council on Sexual Health led by former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher.
-In 2007 Dr Schoen moved to Pasadena, CA started working as an Independent producer. During this time he produced and directed
Betty Dodson: Her Life of Sex and Art. This filmwon Best Feature Documentary at FilmOut, San Diego (2008) and won The American
Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists Best Film Award (2009)
-Dr Schoen served on the Board of Directors of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (2007-2008) and continues to serve on the Board of the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.
-Dr. Schoen is the Founder of, an online resource for preserving,archiving and streaming sexual health films. There are currently more than 350 films thatare being viewed worldwide.
-He recently produced an animated short film The True Story of How Babies are Made that received the honorable mention from The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists Best Film Awards (2010).
-Schoen received the Distinguished Public Service Award from the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (2010) and the AASECT (The American Association of Sexuality Educators,Counselors) Professional Standards of Excellence Award (2010). Dr. Schoen is quoted in many publications and has appeared on numerous television & radio shows during his career.

This evenings musical performer


Jack Empie began playing guitar spontaneously on a Christmas Day when he discovered a guitar (intended for his younger brother) under the tree. Jack went on to study music at Berkley College and Towson University. His diverse range makes it difficult to place his music in a particular genre but his personal voice is discernible to even an unsophisticated listener. Jack has worked as a professional musician in bands and as a solo performer since he was a teenager. His passion for music is infectious because of his joy in sharing and relating it others. He is presently working to release a new CD and continues to perform at various local venues.

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